Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Un-Abolishable N-Word

What are your thoughts of the word, is it overly use amongst the black community?

Bad Ads - Racial Stereotypes

Historical Portrayals of Black Men

Film and television
Political activist and one time presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson said in 1985 that the news media portray black people as "less intelligent than we are."[14] Film director Spike Lee explains that these images have negative impacts "In my neighborhood, we looked up to athletes, guys who got the ladies, and intelligent people," said Lee. "[Now] If you're intelligent, you're called a white guy or girl."[15]
In film, black people are also shown in a stereotypical manner that promotes notions of moral inferiority. In terms of female movie characters shown by race:[16]
  • Using vulgar profanity: black people 89 percent, white people 17 percent
  • Being physically violent: black people 56 percent, white people 11 percent
  • Being restrained: black people 55 percent, white people 6 percent
In Darwin's Athletes, John Hoberman writes that the prominence of African-American athletes encourages a de-emphasis on academic achievement in black communities.[17] Several other authors have said that sports coverage that highlights "natural black athleticism" has the effect of suggesting white superiority in other areas, such as intelligence.[18] Some contemporary sports commentators have questioned whether black people are intelligent enough to hold "strategic" positions or coach games such as football.[19] In another example, a study of the portrayal of race, ethnicity and nationality in televised sporting events by journalist Derrick Jackson in 1989 showed that black people were more likely than white people to be described in demeaning intellectual terms.[20]
The news media: criminal stereotyping
According to Lawrence Grossman, former president of CBS News and PBS, TV newscasts "disproportionately show African-Americans under arrest, living in slums, on welfare, and in need of help from the community."[21] [22]

Annette Gordon-Reed on a Post-racial America | Annette Gordon-Reed | Big Think

Annette Gordon-Reed on a Post-racial America | Annette Gordon-Reed | Big Think

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